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Norwegian Social Studies Course

Norwegian Social Studies Course

Depending on your status, if you are looking for permanent residency or citizenship in Norway you might need to do a Social studies course about Norway and the Norwegian society. 

Inlearn offers the social studies course (also known as Samfunnskunnskap) online and in English language. The course syllabus can be found bellow. 

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  • New immigrant in Norway

    • Different grounds for residence
    • Norwegian language training and social studies
    • Introduction programme
    • Various services immigrants may need
    • Participation in working life and society
  • History, Geography and Way of Life

    • Briefly about Norway's history
    • Geography
    • Settlement and population in Norway
    • Climate
    • Traditions and holidays
    • Religions and beliefs in Norway
  • Children and Family

    • Families
    • Childhood, the Children Act and child welfare
    • Child rearing
    • Schooling
    • Different homes
    • Equality
    • Rights and obligations in marriage
    • The right to decide over one's own life
  • Health

    • Health and welfare
    • Historical development
    • Different health schemes
    • Children and health
    • Elderly and health
    • Mental health
    • Prevention of health problems
  • Education and Competence

    • The education system in Norway
    • Kindergarten is an educational offer
    • Elementary school
    • The school's values
    • Collaborate with the home
    • Secondary education
    • Higher education
    • Adults and education
    • Historical development
  • Working life

    • Labour and welfare
    • Historical development
    • Rights and obligations in working life
    • Organisations and co-determination
    • All the people at work!
    • The welfare society creates jobs
    • Job search
    • Salary and taxes
    • Undeclared work
  • Democracy and Welfare Society (P1)

    • Rights and freedoms in democracy
    • State, county authorities and municipalities
    • Storting and government
    • Elections and political parties
    • Norwegian monarchy
    • Norway's participation in international organisations
  • Democracy and Welfare Society (P2)

    • Welfare society
    • The main tasks of the welfare society
    • Welfare benefits
    • HUB
    • Willingness to pay
    • Economy
    • Rights and obligations in the welfare society
    • Historical development

Who is this course for?

Everyone who wishes to learn more about Norway and Norwegian society is welcome to join this course.

According to the New Norwegian Integration Act, participants who arrived in Norway on or before the 31st December 2021 must complete 50 hours of tuition, while participants who arrived on 1st of January 2022 or later must complete 75 hours of tuition in social studies (Samfunnskunnskap).

Immigrants who wish to apply for the Citizenship are also required to take this course.

About your course

Is the course in classroom or online?

This course is taught online, with live lessons in a group.

Is the course in English or Norwegian?

Since the main goal of this course is to learn about Norway and the Norwegian society, this course is taught in English.

Students who wish to use this course for Citizenship purposes must take this course in Norwegian.

What do I need for my classes?

For your online live classes, you only need a device with internet connection.

The classes are taught on Microsoft Teams, but you won't need to purchase the program. You will be sent a link to join the course virtually.

You will also be provided with further instructions and assistance when the information is sent and our team is available to assist you if you need.


InLearn is closed for business on the Norwegian public holidays. 

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