• Schedule and Group offer

    After we received your order, we will look at your schedule preferences. If we have a course that matches that availability, we will send you an email with the starting date and asking for your confirmation. If we don't, we will send you the closest schedule available.

  • You confirm your place

    After receiving the email, you must reply confirming that you want to join the course. When you confirm, you are officially enrolled in the course and you will receive a link to join the live lessons on teams. This is usually sent closer to the starting date of the course.

  • E-learning platform

    Before the course starts, you will also receive an email with the login credentials to access the e-learning platform. This platform will be used during the lessons but also for homework and self-study. We encourage the students to get familiar with the platform before the course starts.

  • Your course starts

    When the course starts, make sure you arrive on time to the lessons and that you respect the good practices mentioned below.
    Have also in mind that, in order to receive the certificate in the end of the course, you need to attend a minimum of 80% of the lessons.

  • Evaluation and Certificate

    In the end of the course, you will receive an email from us with the link for the test. You must complete this test in order to receive the certificate.

    We will also send you an email with a course evaluation so you can share your feedback regarding the course and teacher. This will help us improve continuously.

How to login to the online group lessons

How to login to the e-learning platform

Good practices during the lessons

- Do not share this link with others.

- Use your first and last name as a username and not your nick name, your initials etc. 

Please sign in minimum 5 minutes before the session starts so you have enough time to check that both your microphone and camera work.  

- We recommend that you use your camera although it is not mandatory. When you use your camera, you can meet your teacher and fellow students. It is also helpful to see the student when helping with ronunciation. 

- It is prohibited to take screenshots, film, and record our online courses. 


Do you have any questions or need any assistance?

If you have any questions or need any assistance regarding the team link or the access to the e-learning platform, you can send us an email to info@inlearn.no or fill out the form below.

Please note that our working hours are from 8am to 4pm. If you have any issues connecting to classes outside these hours, we will try our best to help as fast as we can.

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