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Why Inlearn?

Inlearn Norway AS is a certified Norwegian language school in Oslo Sentrum and a provider of Norwegian language courses, approved by the Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills.

This means that all our courses meet all the quality requirements to make sure all the students learn Norwegian in an effective way.

A flexible duration that addapts to your needs

With Inlearn, every learner has access to a completely personalised learning experience through our flexible durations and schedules for Norwegian courses.

  • Sugested LIVE training hours per level

    A0-A1 level: 32 hours in 8 weeks 

    A2 level: 32 hours in 8 weeks 

    B1 level: 64 hours in 16 weeks

    B2 level: 64 hours in 16 weeks

    C1 level: 64 hours in 16 weeks

    + unlimited hours of guided study

  • E-learning guided study

    All our courses include 24/7 unlimited access to an online platform with materials and exercises. Our students have an important role in their own progression and are expected to continue to work and consolidate between classes.

  • Flexible duration

    With Inlearn you can decide for how long you want to study, depending on the level you would like to reach. The minimum duration for group courses is 4 weeks, which includes 16 lesson hours in group and unlimited self-study in an online e-learning platform.

About your Norwegian online course

How can I choose the duration of my course?

Learning norwegian online with Inlearn allows the students to choose a flexible duration that meets the levels and goals they want to reach.

You can find below the esteemed duration you need to complete each level:

A0: 16 hours in 4 weeks

A1 level: 16 hours in 4 weeks

A2 level: 32 hours in 8 weeks

B1 level: 64 hours in 16 weeks

B2 level: 64 hours in 16 weeks

Please be aware that your progression will also depend on your commitment while learning Norwegian. You are expected to complete homework and continue working between lessons to maximize your results.

I am not sure about my level. Can we do a placement test?

If you already have some knowledge of Norwegian, we can do a placement test to make sure you join the right group and level.

Students are responsible to boook the right course so please contact us before for a placement if you are unsure about your level.

Students who sign up for the wrong level will be charged 35% of the fees to move to another group.

What do I need to attend my lessons?

To attend your online lessons you only need a device with internet connection.

Our online lessons take place through Teams and all the materials for the classes and homework can be access in a browser with a link to the e-learning platform.

Is it everything included in the course? Do I need to purchase any materials?

Everything you need for the course is included in the price, you do not need to purchase any books or extra materials.

The materials used in the online lessons are available in an online e-learning platform, available 24/7 to all Inlearn students.

How to build up your way to success in Norwegian

Inlearn offers personalised solutions for every learner looking to study Norwegian online. From guided-study courses to group or private lessons, we have a solution for everyone.

All our courses include 24/7 unlimited access to an online e-learning platform where the students can improve all the components of the Norwegian language.

In the e-learning platform the students can find exercises for writing, listening and speaking Norwegian, as well as pronunciation practice - both for beginners, intermediate and advanced level in Norwegian.

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