About us

InLearn delivers personalized Norwegian language trainings that makes it easier for every professional learner to be highly successful in acquisition of Norwegian as a second language and in cultural and social integration.

Our mission is to promote an innovative learning experience with strong results for students with specific learning needs and goals.

  • Claudia Linda Steenmeijer

    CEO and Founder

  • Aleksandra Scekic

    Teacher and Academic Coordinator

  • Rita Pinto

    School Operations

  • Malwina Nowak

    Social Media and Public Relations

Inlearn inovative methodology

  • Our commitment

    In the classes, our coaches will focus on all the components of the language, such as speaking, listening, reading and writing, but also conversation, grammar, pronunciation and role plays for hypothetical situations.

    Students and teachers work together as a team, in a safe and envolving environment that allows every student to improve and practice the language together with encouragement and trust.

    The classes are interactive and fun, with a student centric approach.

  • Your commitment

    You will be expected to work by yourself outside the classes, doing exercises and studying materials assigned and provided by your coach.

    By joining our courses, you will also receive access to unlimited online resources that will allow you to maximize your results by continously working and repeating the content learnt between sessions.

    Practice makes perfect and you will also have a big role in your own development and progression.

  • Modern technology

  • Expertise

  • Tailor made experience

  • Strong results

  • Culture and Social integration